sprinkler pump needs priming oftern

dangaApril 1, 2013


I have sprinkler pump pulling water from lake. i have replaced old pump with the new pump and sprinkler heads. It needs the priming very often ( sometimes after 2 days). also while priming it diest not start within first attemp. needs to play around with it.
this happens so often that i have to check it where the pump is running without water or not? lot of manual work for me.

can anybody suggest something on this issue please?


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You have an air leak between the pump and the water source. These system are difficult to keep airtight. It may be a leaking foot-valve. How far is the pump away from the water source and how high (vertical height) above the lake? Is this leg to the pump above or below ground? You might get some professional help for this part. It is very frustrating. To recommend something, I would have to see the layout and hear it run. Aloha

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thanks for replying. the pump is 60 feet far from the lake and 5 feet above ground.
Also I am looking for pipe floaters (duck or goose) . I am unable to get in Home Depot or Lowe's. Do you have any information where Can I buy this.

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