GT5000 Motion Drive Schematic/Belt

tony41(7)May 7, 2010

Model 917-276020 Drive Belt - AYP 161597

I didn't pay attention when removing the drive belt because of neck aliment and also knew the manual and left foot rest had schematics. Well discovered later when attempting to install new belt that my tractor is set-up differently than the schematics.

The schematics reveal the V-Idler next to Engine pulley, Clutching Idler and Clutching Flat Idler near Trans axle is located on LEFT side of tractor but my tractor is set-up with all the aforementioned on RIGHT side.

I assume the routing of belt will be the same just opposite of schematics?

The supply house I purchased the belt didn't have the exact length 1/2" 82 & 3/4" replacement. But we measured the old one and it was exactly 82" so we thought if 82" came off 82" would go back WRONG. I should have went with 83" But I think I will opt for Exact OEM replacement (Stens # 265070) belt at Lowes.

The mower belts (AYP180808) 5/8" X 89" and 5/8" X

90" (AYP174368) weren't hard to find correct replacements.

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Try looking at it this way. The schematic appears to be presenting the layout as though you are lying under the tractor looking up, because you really can't see any of the components from above anyhow.

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Appreciate your input but I disagree. Looking up from underside and schematics appear to be same view to me?
The belt keeper behind Trans Axle pulley is a hum dinger to get past along with the plastic fins of Hydro Fan!
When I attempt to install the OEM Belt I'm thinking of raising tractor up from the front. I get dizzy after awhile lying under car,equipment,etc looking up.

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mrtractor(SE USA)

Think Mownie is right my friend. Look at the rotation arrow on the transaxle pulley in the manual, page 25 in the book I have. We know the transaxle viewed from above turns clockwise, yet this drawing shows it counterclockwise. Another tip off is the double clutching idlers being on the loose side of the belt, that is good belt drive design. Another is the shape of the ground drive belt shown on page 38, notice the single v shape pattern on the left side (power) of the belt for the single idler, vs. the double kink on the right side (loose) side near the rear of the belt. Gives you a visual clue from a more normal viewing angle. Good luck.

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This may help.

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Gee, Mownie---what language is that diagram printed in??? No wonder the guy couldn't figger it out! RJ

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***"what language is that diagram printed in???"***
That would be "Photoshop Cyrillic".

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Thanks mownie!!! I have never mastered Photo Shop!!!

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Neither have I. :^)

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Looks like Aeroflot script, but it's just reversed. Just keep in mind the flat side idler is for the flat side of the belt, the v-groove pullies fit the v-side of the belt.

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Good point to keep in mind bushleague!

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