Increasing Pressure at Sprinkler Heads?

dnelmsApril 27, 2010

We've decided to bury our irrigation lines this year and used 1" pipe. The water source is a pond; the pump sends the water to a 100 gallon holding tank. We have 7 sprinker heads attached to 1" standpipes along the gardens' edge. The garden is 200' long and 50' wide. The sprinklers are not reaching across the garden (missing by about 3 to 4 '). So here's the plumbing question.... we've been told that if we change the standpipe (about 6' high) from 1" to 3/4" about 2' oput of the ground, the decrease in pipe size will increase the water pressure? Does anyone have any knowledge that will lend an answer before we cut one and try it out?

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Wrong, Decreasing the pipe size will not increase the pressure, just increases the velocity. You may want to section the piping into two or three zones with bigger gpm nozzles. Glancing through various catalogs, most sprinklers required a 8-9 gpm nozzle at 50psi to achieve a 50 foot radius. I do not know what your pumping specs are so as to be able to provide you with any other info. Bigger pipe has less pressure loss than a smaller pipe at the same gpm.

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