Craftsman mandrel housing substitute

sassvoor(Z5NY)May 2, 2012

I have a Craftsman YS4500 that I believe is 6 years old.Model 917.276683.

The mandrel housing broke and I ordered part #187281 listed as an approved substitute. I also got a new pulley, locknut, spacer washer, spindle shaft and deck mandrel bearing. I did not get the mounting bolts. When I took the old mandrel out the 4 bolts that held it to the deck broke off. The whole thing seems to be cast.

The new part is not threaded(mounting holes). Does anyone know if the original bolts were self tapping. I do not feel safe trying to tap this pot metal and believe I will get some long bolts to mount it but I am curious if any die hard Craftsman mechanics might be able to shed light on this? Thanks, Sharon

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Looking at the Sears site it seems the bolts are listed separately.

The replacement mandrel housing most likely is designed to use self-tapping replacement bolts.

Did you look up and but the parts from Sears Parts or from a third party online seller?

Call whoever you bought the housing from and tell them you need the bolts for that housing they sold you.

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The bolts are 5/16" self tapping w/ flanged head. Any shop should have them. Nothing keeping you from threading the spindle and capping the bolts w/ lock nuts. Use a flat washer at the bolt head if you do this.

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Thank you gentlemen; I got everything from Sears Parts but great to know I can get the bolts locally. Happy Mowing, Sharon

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I did what tomplum said....worked fine, probably better than the original set up....not hard to thread it...

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It's never hard to thread a steel self-tapping bolt into pot metal housings.

A dab on Anti-Seize on those self-tapping bolts will make them easy to remove the next time.

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