Watering on irrigation during peak times?

sodomojoApril 28, 2008

I live in Kennewick WA and I am unable to water during peak times (early am, and then around 7-10pm) because my irrigation district does not have sufficient pumps for our subdivision, and as a result, my sprinklers just pop up and spray in one spot causing flooding. The irrigation district says that it is because too many people use it, and thats just how it is. I find it completely unacceptable. Has anybody else faced this same issue and what was the result?

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How early is "early am"?
The prevailing wisdom is to have all watering done before sunrise, and not to water EVER in the evening (you're setting yourself up for fungus).
Try starting your watering cycle at midnight or shortly thereafter.
There are booster pumps available for city-water systems, although most water companies discourage or even try to prohibit their use. Consult your local irrigation supply for proper pump sizing if the timing thing doesn't work out.

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You might want to check your gpm and pressure during peak times so you know not to exceed it.

I do agree with waterit you need to water during the wee hours in the morning or look into the mp rotator nozzles by Hunter they do perform at lower psi.

Here is a link that might be useful: do_it_your_self_web_site

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