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KevBsu84April 28, 2013

I just recently installed a pressure reducer to my 3/4 inch sprinkler line and as you can see in my pic, connected it to some drip irrigation 5/8" tubing. That 5/8" tubing feeds some 1/4" drip lines etc... The 1/4" drip lines I do have are the ones that simply have holes in them. Anyway, when I turn my system on the pressure is ridiculous. It's almost like that reducer isn't there as water from the 1/4" drip lines skyrockets into the air. This pressure reducer install was all I needed to make this work according to the guy at lowes. Any suggestions how to hook up a drip irrigation to my main sprinkler lines? It can't be that hard.... Thanks for your time and help!

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Sounds like your pressure is higher than what that pressure regulator can withstand. So you need one that can do that, DIG makes an adjustable one, and has an inlet pressure of 125 psi.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adjustable Pressure Regulator

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