Which David Austin?

chardieMay 23, 2014

I'm in northeast CT, zone 6, 6a or 6b, depending on which source I use.
I'm looking for a rose to place between my Abe Darby & a Queen Mary II hybrid tea.

We don't have a lot of choices in the nurseries around here, so should it be Harlow Carr, Mary Rose or The Mayflower?

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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)

I have 4 David Austin, Heritage--lovely, lots of blooms all season, very super disease resistant, tons of petals, beautiful light to pale pink, beautiful dark green foliage, gets huge though.
Also have a Fair Bianca. Same type of petals (lots of petals) white, again very disease resistant, healthy
Pat Austin--Very pretty orange yellow blooms. Healthy--disease resistant. Would probably never plant this one again because blooms droop (stems don't seem to hold up the bloom longer than a day after it opens)
Then there is the Othello. Very vibrant fuschia color. Would never plant this one ever again. The thorns are awful--would just about take a finger off if not careful. Plus they seem to bloom a couple times & then nothing for the rest of the season. Don't know if this was just a problem with my Othello or if all Othellos are like this.

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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)

I checked out the ones you listed. I think the Mary Rose one is the prettiest. A friend of mine planted a bush at her old home & dug it out to take it to her new home she loved it so much. Looks like you want to stay in the pink family?

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I had Harlow Carr in the past but it did not at all like my hot and dry climate. I have read comments that it's very thorny when it gets older and the bush doesn't look all that great but have no personal knowledge. I also had Mary Rose and it is pretty, but the blooms shatter very quickly and it was rather thorny and obnoxious when deadheading. I don't know that I'd consider those major faults, however.


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Among the roses you listed, I have Abe Darby (4 years) and Harlow Carr (2 years). I am in Northern Jersey so our climates should be similar enough. Both get some blackspot, but nothing terrible. I don't spray. However, Harlow Carr is a compact rose (in Austin lingo, "mannerly" grower). Abe is far bigger, sprawling shrub. You should be aware of the differences in size/growth. I am not familiar with the two other roses you mentioned.

Local nurseries don't stock many Austins here either. A few of them here do offer potted Austins at $50 or so a pop. You might want to order potted roses directly from DA in Texas or get bands.

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Harlow Carr and The Mayflower have wonderful, strong fragrance. Mary Rose is not as fragrant.

The Mayflower has an upright growth habit. Mine is about 4 1/2 feet tall, I'm in zone 5.

Harlow Carr is fairly new to my garden, but I think it won't grow as tall as The Mayflower.

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