Irrigation over leach field

bh_wolfApril 6, 2010

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone has experience w/ (or strongly advises against) installing an irrigation over a septic leach field.

On the one hand, I'd generally say, "leave the leach field alone." However, I live in NC with heavy clay, and my leach field is about half an acre. I currently irrigate that section by hand in the summer so the net effect is the same.

Failing an irrigation system over the field, it would be nice to at least cross the field to get irrigation to the side yard...

Any opinions? Thanks!!

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Since you all ready water it I don't see why not. Go for it.
Just if you grow tomatoes there, don't tell you friends.

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Hi wolf,

I will throw my $0.2 worth in the pot. I would not do any irrigation over a leach field and let any rain take care of the vegetation. The reason being is that any water soaked into the ground reduces the capacity of your leach field and also the water trying to get out of the pipes will have a harder time if the clay is wet. This will leave the nasty stuff to remain in the pipes and eventually clog. Now from your experience you have not had a problem before because it sounds like you have plenty of capacity but over time you will have a problem if you irrigate a leach field. Then it is absolutely no fun to repair or replace. Crossing lines across, no problem. Make sense? Wow, I spent more than two cents worth. Good luck and Aloha

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Thanks for the tips!

Yeah, I'm torn on it. When I moved in 4 years ago, the lawn (for that matter, the house too) needed a lot of work. I find that I need to irrigate over the leach field in times of stress/heat -- when I skipped it last year (granted, we were in a drought) a good part of the lawn died anyway.

My thought was: a healthy lawn, irrigated or not, would make a better leach field. Well, I have some time to think about it since we'd look to do it this fall...

Thx again!

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Hi bh,

If you irrigate just want the grass will uptake your good. Aloha

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