Troy Bilt tiller????

slowpoke_gardenerNovember 23, 2010

Sorry to jump in here like this but I have been trying to post for hours. I just cant figure how it is done.

I will try again, I bought a tiller today (yesterday by now). It is red with a silver tecumseh engine on it. The engine is stamped HH70-140058H 9081D or "C". The tiller looks like a Troy Bilt horse, but all decals are gone.

The tiller srarts good and no smoke. It has been sitting for years and I want to put a carb kit in it and change fluids.

Can anyone tell me what I have and where I should look for parts?

Thanks for any help, Larry

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Well, if it is running great----above all---don't mess with it! Leave well enough alone. My theory is this: If i push the primer bulb, if so equipped, 4-5 times, and it starts and runs, and stays running--well then, I have the world by the ear, on a down-hill pull!
Maybe a new spark plug, change the oil, fresh gasoline( With Marvel Mystery oil, and Stabil in it, oil any joints and grease in any fittings, maybe a fresh air filter cartridge, and you should be good to go!

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rustyj14, thanks, I live at the backside of no-where and have to order most of my parts, I guess the engine # can get me an air cleaner and carb. kit. The tiller acts a little hungry when it is opened up, does better with choke about half on. I was told it had sit for years.

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You need to check the oil in the main trans and the tine gear box. If those worm gears are run dry it gets awfully expensive to repair/ rebuild. 85w 90 gear oil or better is recommended.

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Mike, thanks, I took the "T" bolt out and stuck a 11" zip tie in and it has about 3 or more inches of lube. I plan on installing Syn. lube, but I need to find out how much to put in. I sure would like to know just what I have so I could manuals for it.


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Look on the left side, next to the tranny. Is there a small lever there to engage or disengage the rear tines?

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Try this, but I think your model is older.

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Thanks Guys, I have looked on the right side on a formed flat spot and found stamped spot that says " Tiller Serial number" and an arrow pointing to a stamped #531897. I have not found it on brentchalmers/com. It has no dis-engage lever, the tines run all the time. It looks like a horse except for that. Did Troy Bilt do any contract building? The gas tank is set up different than the Troy Buits pictured and has a plastic gas tank, I expect an add on. I have never seen a 120 volt starter on one either, also expect an add on.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

March 1981 mfd. date. 4 speed

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Thanks gator rider, you must one smart cookie, I have been searching for two days and found next to nothing.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

If have troy bilt tiller its best to join yahoo groups that where all good forum info is there dealer that help with parts name Bill Rogers has phone number on site. all the s/n info there in files. You read for many hour on that site about your Troy Bilt tiller.

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Sp : Follow Rusty and Gator's recommendations solid advice . Yes MMO or Lucas Top End Lube and Cleaner or Duralube ..etc will clean out your fuel restriction issues (2 ounces) with fresh fuel . Also the Synthetic Gear Case Oil is a Good Idea . Lucas again or Valvoline or any Premium Gear Lube (80-90 Weight) depending on you Seasonal Temps will suffice , I use Marine Grade because it has moisture dispersant's . I change mine out bi annually . Let us know how you make out ..Welcome aboard Dude ! :)

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Thanks again, I went to town and got a Gal. of O,reilly GL4. The only thing had in GL4 was 140 wt., thought I would be tearing it down soon for repair anyway. I was suprised, the old lube looked like coffee and cream. I drained and flushed with diesel fuel. It really looked good, there was almost no sign of any wear, no way would I think this was a 30 year old machine. I dont think the lube had ever been changed because the paint had not even been cracked on the drain and fill plugs.

I have not found anything wrong other than air cleaner, carb. cleaning and tires cracked, but still should get a few years out of them. The tines look new, but rusty. I have not even used the electric start on it yet, it has started on the first pull every time.

I gave $250.00 for it, in this part of the country nearly any kind of rear tine tiller will go for that, maybe more.

I will go with top grade lube and cleaner after I finish checking things out.

Fellows, thanks for all your help, Larry

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