Looking for a cheap garden shed

SamWrightNovember 17, 2012

Hello there, I am looking for a garden shed and I am considering this site http://www.cheapsheds.com.au/ as their sheds look wonderful for storage. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Several of the big garden centers here in W. PA. have sheds built by the Amish, for sale. They look nice, and are pleasing to the eye.
Also, you could buy a cheaper one, but if you live in snow country, be careful when deciding what to buy, as you have to figure snow-load, wind, and other factors.
Another thing about a shed, whether you build or buy: Whatever you decide to buy, or build, enlarge the plans to twice the size, or even more! Funny thing about a shed or a garage, as soon as you put one thing in it----it will shrink in size, and all of the cash spent on building or buying it, will seem wasted! This has happened to lots of people, including me! Fore-sight is much better than hind-sight!
Been there--done that! Rusty J.

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If $$ are part of your decision making process, you might look at metal sheds. Sears has them and probably Lowe's, etc. does also. The $ per sq.ft. can't be beat provided you're not looking for something huge. They are a PITA to put together and the area you use for assembly had better be LEVEL. When I lived in Jersey, I knew I'd only be there a couple of years so put up one of those, ten years later (:-) ) it was still OK.

The advantage to these is you can put them up yourself if you've got another pair of hands to help.

Also, to echo what Rusty said, however big you start out with it's too small!!! I have a 24 x 32 barn and it's bulging with "wonderful things."

Good luck,


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Thanks Rusty J! That was a great tip. Yeah I agree. It is much better to have a big storage shed so that I won't have any problems in the future as we accumulate more things and not just tools in each year. I really want to buy as it is much easier (I think) than building. Thanks again!

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Thanks Exmar. I am living in Australia so I might get one of those sheds from cheap sheds as they offer delivery and installation. I guess I have to choose metal sheds as they are durable. However, I am still hesitant when it comes to rust. Haven't you encountered rust problem with your metal shed? What did you do then?

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Sam, let me answer the last question! Do as we do here in the USA! Either paint it before ya put it up, or paint it afterwards, will help. Don't paint it and it'll last 6-8 years or so. Might last longer. If yer lucky! RJ

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Thanks Rusty. That's interesting as I have the chance to choose my own color that will match with the design of my house.

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Since you live in Australia, I'm not too sure a metal shed will be the best thing to go with. I am going to assume you want it to last quite some time. I have several of these metal sheds and wish I had built my own.

I have had them for some time now and they all have signs of rust and a whole lot of dents from branches falling on them. They are great for a quick storage solution, but I would recommend building one yourself for a much better finished product.

There is a site I found that goes into detail about various sheds and provides answers to some of your questions. Hope you find what you are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden sheds

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