What Fast Growing Tree to Plant

KauaiHawaiiGuyMarch 21, 2012

So here's my dilemma ...... we have lived in our home foe 23 years and planted a flowering plum the second year we moved to this home. And this home is in Springfield Oregon. It grew into a beautiful front yard shade tree until today. One week after it fully blossomed out, and on the second day of spring no less, we had snow most of the night and this morning ..... and our beautiful tree has broken in so many and numerous places from the weight of the wet snow on all the flowered out blossoms that it is beyond saving. So my question is this ..... we are both 62 and haven't the years to wait out the growth, so what might be as pretty and also very fast growing to replace our lost tree? I think we are zone 8. Really like the looks of a Mimosa but have heard that they can be a pain in the keester.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont understand your question ..

you have about 20 years of average life expectancy left..

plant a good tree .. as compared to the 'fast growing' tree that self-imploded on your lawn..

and enjoy it for the next 20 years.. min ..

NEVER.. EVER.. PLANT A TREE THAT IS CLAIMED TO BE FAST GROWING ... or you will be replacing that one in 10 years also ...

i would favor an oak.. because i garden under trees..

others will salivate about maples.. and frankly.. they grow just about as fast as so claimed trees..

i dont know your zone well enough to make specific suggestions.. just to tell you to stay away from anything MARKETED as fast growing ...

and hoist one to a long life .. with my regards ... WELCOME TO GW


ps: if you use the search function for fast growing trees.. you might see the above opinion from many peeps.. a couple thousand times ... lol.. actually hit the link below for 9446 matches .. read thru a few of those.. and bring back ideas here .... and let us critique them

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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