Tip about orchard tubing

Rio_GrandeMay 30, 2013

I just wanted to post this for anyone who might need the information or find themselves in a spot like I was.

I had 2 200 foot rows that I got in as it was starting to rain. Next day we planted them with double rows and it has been drying since. Today I was able to get into the field again and lay some more plastic mulch and drip tape. Realizing that while the planted beds germinated well they were loosing moistness so in a pinch I took an old garden hose end off of a hose, the screw together type and put it on the 3/4 orchard tubing we use for supply line. It worked perfect. So a garden hose ran out and a 6 foot piece of 3/4 orchard tube, taps for the tube and we were able to water.

After I get 2 more beds in I can run the orchard line and burry it as planned.

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Thanks for the info. Aloha

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