Pumping water up about 50'

kodonovaMay 11, 2010

I am looking at getting a pump to move water from a creek about 50' lower down than my land in order to fill a 45 ga drum from which to have an outdoor shower as well as to be able to water my garden from. Does anybody have any suggestions on what sort of pump would be sufficient? I would prefer to not spend too much money so am looking for the cheap option. Also, on a side note, am investigating options for heating the water in the drum in order to be able to have hot showers...any ideas? (I know it is not an irrigation question...). Thanks

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Mr. kodo,

A few questions of course to get the brainwaves moving in sync. What is the vertical height to the barrel? What is the horizontal distance to the barrel? How fast do what to fill the barrel? Do you want to automate the operation? Are you going to gravity flow from the barrel or pump from the barrel for the shower and garden? Do you have electricity available near the stream and barrel? How far away is the power source? I guess that is a few. Aloha

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