keep blowing pressure reducers and drippers on 1/4 inch line

s10sleeper(5b)May 6, 2012

I have been building a drip irrigation system for my raised bed garden. The first kit was a raindrip system, and one issues was the anti siphon leaked like mad, but since I was downhill I removed it, but kept the pressure reducer on. My drip emitters were not dripping, but squirting a constant stream, even when my valve was partially open. I bought another pressure reducer to add on with no luck.

Then I bought a pressure gauge, finding out my water pressure is hitting 60-80 even with a hydrant leak. My drippers even started snapping on me.

I bought some new ones that work a little better, an 8 outlet orbit manifold with pressure regulator and still had issues, so i bought an adjustable regulator, which has troubles letting water through unless I bleed out some pressure.

This is driving me up a wall, but i am hoping to get my shallow well jet pump running if I can locate the info on it, as sears shows no record of the number, it is 1/2 hp 20-40 psi with no tank. Shallow water is no problem, I live by a creek

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You seem to know you have an excessive pressure problem. You have laid out a description but actually haven't given any information for us to make a recommendation. What part of the system have you pressure tested. Where you getting 60-80 psi from the hydrant in the street? Have you pressure tested from an outdoor faucet from your house? Is that where you are experiencing 60-80 psi? Do you have a pressure adjustable regulator for your house? The link gives standard looking pressure regulators for homes with various pressure problems.
Does our house use one of these?
What is the height difference between the creek and the garden? As you can read, more info is needed. Aloha

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Your pressure is too high for the regulators you are using. You need one that can withstand the higher pressure going in to it.

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