Who makes Ryobi Gas Chain Saws???

groundhogva(z6 VA)November 13, 2008

I'm looking for a chain saw for delimbing and spotted a Ryobi at a good price. I know I should look at the better brands, but, I don't know much about Ryobi gas. If it is made by the same maker as the current Homelite or Poulan, then forget it. I would not buy them. Does anyone have any experiences with this saw.

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canguy(British Columbia)

You get what you pay for. Ryobi is only found at the box stores and many service dealers will not touch them because the parts supply is not good.Also, even a simple tune up often comes too close to the price of a new unit.

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Ryobi is an MTD product. It's considered a homeowner's tool. Components are low end, with most tools, if used regularly seem to have a short life. Not my first choice.......or second................or third

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masiman(z7 VA)

Save yourself the hassle and buy a decent tree/trim saw (not a bow saw). You can get them for under $20 and they are fairly quick and far less hassle. I have a few chainsaws but my trim saw is awfully useful.

As others said or hinted at, stay away from the Ryobi chainsaws. If you think you really need one but know that you won't use it that much, consider an electric. They are not very good, but you will have far fewer long term engine problems.

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groundhogva(z6 VA)

Thank you guys. Just as I feared. I will stay clear of this saw and consider a Husky, Stihl, or an Echo.

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Husky and Ryobi are Home Depot house brands. Masterlink is Menards, good brand IMO, and Kobalt is Lowes.

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The Ryobi model 10532 has a Redxax engine, the same saw as a Redmax GZ400 engine is made in Japan saw is assembled in China. Reports are they cut good after a muffler mod and tuning the carb and a better bar and chain. Reconditioned ones can be bought for around $95 shipped on Amazon. Steve

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Just got done mmuffler modding and retuning mine and a good bar and chain. Timed cuts went from 10 seconds to 5 seconds on the same log. Steve

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You can spend $150 to get a cheap saw that you'll be replacing in a year or two, or $350 to buy a Stihl or Echo (I have the Stihl Farmhand 18" -- $400) that will be running well for your grandchildren. Your choice!

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actualy the ry 10532 is manufactured by either echo or husky,look in your owners manual,actualy for the money the saw isnt as bad as they have been saying,bought one at home depot along with a poulon wild thing one yr,the poulon completely wore out the first yr,yhe ry is still runing verry strong,you need to adjust the carb and the oiler,other than that,its been through 4 bars,100 or more chains 1 sprocket,and it runs like it were new,i cut scrub cedar and pinon,oak,its not a bad saw as long as you have some common sense,i also have a 455 husky and i would rather cut with the ryobi,dont abuse it and it will do what you want

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I own both a Ryobi 10532 and a Redmax G400, they are identical saws. The engine is built in japan and the rest of the saw is made in china, good engine on these saws. Steve

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So glad to have found this forum. Great info. I have a Ryobi 10532 chainsaw. It dies after 10-20 minutes of hard use. Choking helps restart it for one more cut, or I just let it cool down. Where can I get info on the aforementioned "[muffler mod and carb tuneup]"? So glad to have the parts list for the identical Redmax GZ400, and to see it has 2 piston rings -- I read elsewhere that a single-ring design in a Craftsman caused rapid destruction of the ring and cylinder wall. Its loss-of-compression-on-warmup symptoms matched those of mine.

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Slant6ix: Check your compression . I would think it is perhaps marginal cold and perhaps less so once warm , blowby would show on plug colouration as dark oily plug electrode condition. You are corect that most cheaper saws have single ring configuration although older saws had single ring but were chrome plated for extended wear .

Jerry: normally 4 chains to a bar and 2 bars to a sprocket replacement ratio . Unless the bar and chain has been pinched , then perhaps a increase in chains due to binding and also premature sprocket wear. I don't think I have gone through 100 chains in 10 different saws in 40 + yrs of cutting .

Note: As Steve has indicated the Redmax is a fair engine but would not put in the effort of porting or polishing or even muffler mod on such a small saw . But thats just me .

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Opening up the muff makes a huge difference on that saw, make sure to pull the limiter caps and adjust properly. Most are set lean and could be causing your saw to shut down after 15 minutes as they run hot when set lean. One or 2 rings really doesn't matter, there a lot of pro saws, high performance snowmobiles with 1 ring. The Redmax engine in the 10532 has good quality with the rest of the saw being knda cheap. Steve

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S6 : As Steve has advised proper muffler mod will improve overall saw performance , however quite often it also requires minor to moderate Intake Porting for the best overall performance. Once exhaust back pressure has been reduced the saw will breath better but optimum performance may require rejetting or intake port polishing to allow increased fuel intake rate . Not rocket science but something a experienced person only should attempt. Close Plug colouration checks are required to verify engine health once these modifications have been performed. I agree with Steve again on the ring configuration issues that there are more performance (1-ring) vs life cycle on (2-ring) designs. The High Performance single ring design are usually L-Ring chrome plate units used for High Rpm operation. Have installed numerous during my snowmobile racing and motocross days lol . Good Luck Dude !

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Believe its TANAKA (who offers a 7 yr consumer warranty.)
Its the best value out there if you find one at close out H Depot. I got 2 for 129 each!! and are 299+ when rebadged as Tanaka or Hitachi.
BAD ASS commercial saw! UNREAL chain speed, awesome full chisel rofessional hard chain (stays sharp, cuts 25+ cords wood before sharpening (I keep it out of the dirt and clean!! (to achieve this,cutting red oak and other hickory etc hard woods in Alabama for my wood heated home., of course).

Don't use the Husky Rancher 55 anymore as its not NEARLY as good a saw cutting and vibration etc. These FOOLS dogging it NEVER ran one or any other good, MODERN Jap saw...Prolly iin the "STIHL" vs Mc Culloch or some such dumbass antique stance.
TRY it THEN blab about it!! I also own Tanaka exclusively, now for 7 yr warranty and quality. Have NEVER used warranty yet, even on my 14"limbing/pruning saw thats used for limbing etc, and 70+% of my firewood cutting! 8 lbs! doesn't tire me out!!

Saws don't have to kick our ASSES anymore!!! IF you are smart and research your purchase!

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"Posted by cloudcrasher
Thu, Nov 13, 08 at 23:41

Ryobi is an MTD product..."

Techtronic Industries Company (TIC) has owned Ryobi.and made their products alone with Homelite since 2004. Before 2003 Ryobi products were made by MTD tho,

RedMax, Jonsred, Poulan Pro, WeedEater, McCulloch (Italy) are all owned by Husqvarna.

Poulan and WeedEater are made for the homeowner that wants a cheap product.

RedMax, Jonsred and Husqvarna also make cheap homeowner products sold in Big Box Stores. Only the dealers sale the high end "professional" model equipment.

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