'short' flashing on irritrol clock?

igmu89May 4, 2012

New to the electrical part of all of this so speak s/l/o/w/l/y if you reply...lol...anyway, my 24 station Irritrol timer is flashing "short" on station 2. I found the solenoid was not working and replaced it. The clock still flashes "short". I've pulled the power and the battery, no no avail. Is it the clock or bad wiring? What do I look for? how the hell do I find it? I have one of those portable solenoid actuators and the new solenoid pops when using that. I also have an amplifier?? as well, but have no clue how to use it. (this is what I bought, actually http://www.irrigationdirect.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/i/file_43_66.jpg) ....That's about as far as I know how to go. I checked the wires and they are not corroded or broken. What now? the thought of replacing that clock scares the daylights outta me lol....

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Did you check any screw on wire connections between the solenoid and the controller. The only thing left if all connections are left is using a continuity meter to check that the wire to the solenoid has conductivity. This is in essence what the control did to display the "short" message but it may be incorrect. Also try a full reset of your controller if you don't find a disconnect somewhere with the continuity meter. GL Aloha

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If the coil in question works when you use a activator and none of the connections at the valve are touching each other try this. Disconnect the coil completely. Don't let the wires touch anything, just have them up in the air in the ground/valve box. Activate the zone and see if you get the same results. This will eliminate the coil as the issue. If you still get the short signal switch another set of wires (say zone #1) to Zone#2 and see if you get the same short signal. If you do then you have a bad clock. If you don't and the short signal moves to Zone #1 then you have wires in the yard that are touching. This can be hard to locate depending on how far it is between the clock and the valve. Might need a professional to help at that point. Using tracing equipment a good pro can locate your short.

Good luck,

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