when my Chainsaw has more HP than my motorcycle!

rcmoserNovember 5, 2012

Had to cut out big stump. Too cheap to pay for stump grinder and most won't grind deep enough for me. Anyway the stump measured over 36 inches at the root under ground after I dug down to it. My husky labored cutting through the base beings it's twice or three times as hard as the trunk (oak).

Saw started dieing out. WOW I thought what's the deal? Checked the gas and it would running out!!(you could say a gas hog at almost WOT). Which Got me thinking I brought Yamaha C3 scooter with 15000 miles on it (yea who can put 15ooo miles on 2007 scooter), runs good for my retirement when I get to the Villiages. My chain saw has about the same hp as my scooter!.

Can't beleive how many time I has to clean adjust, and sharpen the chain to get it to cut through the stump below ground level. Took me about 4 hours to get the 3 1/2 foot stump above ground. even had to slice it down the middle.

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I have a rule about my Stihl Farm Boss, I only run a tank of fuel through it at a time. Then I split what I have cut. Then I do something else that wont beat me up for the rest of the day. Be careful running a saw that long in a harsh environment, like a stump. Bad for the saw and bad for the operator. After 60, I don't heal so fast :)

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I agree andy (just turned 60 still in pretty good shape), but I had time and I took my time washing the dirt away from the base and roots. I also made sure the chain was oiling, the bar and clutch area clean, and of course keep the chain sharpen. I don't like doing it that way but I needed it out of my way. Most of the 28 that I have taken out come out pretty easily. This one was the biggest and by far the biggest base one I have done at this site.

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Good on you. Since you cant get dynamite at the hardware store any more, grubbing out stumps has gotten harder for the home owner:)

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Paid 600 bucks for this C3. Neat little scooter with plenty of storage space under the seat. If they made 125CC version of this scooter I would buy new one. That's how much I like this yamaha product. try to post pic.

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Nice wheels.

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Cute Scooter RC , lot cheaper insurance than a Harley and you don't have the problems with the Biker Babes lol , careful with those 36 " brutes oldtimer :) .

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Yea, but I have to bet the nerds back. Especially the oil changing nerds! You really don't think I am going to drive this on the road!! Got it for the golf cart trails.

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I Hear You..... Roflmbo !

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