Some thoughts about starting an simple irrigation project

paulsiu(5a)May 9, 2012

So I want to irrigate a narrow perennial bed. From what I can research, I need:

- A splitter to split the water so I can continue to use the hose.

- Some sort of timer device to time the control of water.

- A pressure controller

- A backflow preventer.

- A filter

- A drip line or soaker.

Most of the components are constant (filter, etc). Some of the other components requires some choices. For example, if I set up a drip line, I can probably direct the water to the plant directly. However, a soaker hose seems easier to setup initially and some of the plants are sort of clump spreaders.

The second issue is the timer device. The cheapest are wind up mechanical devices, but I don't trust them. What if the mechanic blows up and leave the water running? The battery ones are similar to windup but they use batteries. Finally, there are electronic ones you can program. Are they more reliable. What if they malfunction, does the water shutoff? Finally, I wonder if they have ones that can detect rain, so if it has rain, it won't dump out any water.


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My $0.02. You have made good assumptions and a good list. a pressure controller is called a pressure regulator. You can use a vacuum breaker screwed on the faucet end to start your system instead of a backflow preventer. A filter is only necessary if you are using well or pond water. If you are using municipal water a filter is not needed. Battery operated single zone timers are easy, cheaper and reliable now a days. If you move up to multi-zone system then use a hot wired electrical controller. Forget the rain detect type. They are used on the more expensive multi-zone controllers. Your better off just turning off your system when it rains and back on when the rain stops. JMHO Aloha

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I have so far install a splitter and a soaker hose, but when I attempt to use this, water started coming out of the handle. This probably means I need to tighten the seat nut.

I am starting to look into timer. According to Amazon, Orbit gets better review than Melnor, but are harder to find.


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I carry most of Orbit's timers. Let me know if you would like the link, or email me.

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Make sure you have a standard rubber gasket seal in your female hose end. This usually come with the soaker hose or any hose for that matter. Aloha

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