Hanging 1/2 ' tubing overhead.

vegasneon(9a)May 12, 2012

I live in Las Vegas NV so it gets very hot & dry. I have a large patio covered by a Pergola, the concrete extends out farther than the pergola on all sides. Every year I run drip irrigation to all my patio plants but I have my little Granddaughters 3 days a week so I have to roll up the tubing from the patio and put it back down when they want to play and ride their bikes. If I ran 1/2 " tubing about 10 feet off the ground (attached to Pergola)and then ran 1/4" tubing down all the posts-

Would normal water pressure get the water up that high when it would be coming from a hose bib with a battery operated timer then the 1/2" tubing would be on the ground about 12 feet before going up 10 feet and then going about 30 feet at that height?

How would I attach the 1/2" to the Pergola that would support the added weight when full of water? Or is the 1/2" tubing not that heavy when full of water? I know there are clips to hold smaller tubing- I have two runs of misters up on the Pergola now. Is there some kind of 1/2" clip or would I have to make a loop of something myself and screw it to the Pergola? If so any suggestions of what to make the loops from?

Thank you for any help or suggestions



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Rebecca, water pressure should be no problem since us in the field do this all the time. As for hanging the tubing, you can go to any hardware store and ask for 1/2" cable anchors that will just screw in and will support the weight if spaced about 1 foot apart.

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Thank you Mike !!!

I didnt want to do all that up and down the ladder if it wasnt gpoing to work! Thats the only bad part of doing this.

cable anchors- check! helps to have the name for things


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