1 1/4 x 3' drive point

wilczek1May 15, 2014

I have 1 1/4 drive point / check valve1 1/4 to inlet of 1 hp flotec pump.
also in system is a 6" clear pvc section before and after check valve.
system works, but dont have quite enough output.
when pump is running I can see bubbles in both clear sections ?
i checked all possable air leaks from top of well .
all pvc was carefully cleaned/primed and glued .
well is 19' deep anf water level is 10'from surface.
Is it at all possible to draw air from bottom of point ?

Am concidering of ignoring bubbles , and adding another 1 1/4 point and connecting both to a 1 1/2 line with 1 1/2chk valve then to inlet of pump

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