Add fuel filter to genset

exmarNovember 17, 2011

Hi Folks,

Have a Generac 3750 gravity fed genset which doesn't have a fuel filter (Model #005724-0, 208cc). There's a bunch of different filters out there, from the coarse "mesh" filter to the paper type. I believe the paper type has the directional arrow and is typically used if there's a fuel pump involved? I've also seen filters that have brass screens (Wix comes to mind) that can be disassembled for cleaning.

The unit is two years old and is "made in the USA" except for the engine which is a "generic 4 cycle" which translates to a Honda clone made in China. Runs good though. I may have "misspoke" in that there is a very coarse "drop in" mesh across the fill opening to the fuel tank that would keep twigs and leaves out....:-)

I'm guessing the fuel line is 1/4" as most small engines seem to use that size.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


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Ev: Most smaller Gen Sets 5hp to 10hp use what you have a simple basket plastic mesh filter within the fuel filler neck . I have also used inline (fuel line) filters for small farm tractors as a secondary filter to prevent smaller debris from fouling the fuel circuits .

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Ewalk, as usual, you're dead on. I've gotten into the bad habit of periodically siphoning (power) gas out of the genset or a small tractor which hasn't been run for a while and using it for whatever I'm currently doing. This allows me to keep "relatively" fresh gas in everything. Even with Stabil or equivalent, I don't trust the mystery fuel we have to buy.

Everything else has an inline fuel filter after the tank except the genset. When I lift the mesh filter, I'm careful, but afraid I may get some crud in the gas and hence into the fuel circuit.

So, I'm looking for a recomendation for an inline filter to put on the genset. I could simply pick up something at TSC and it would be better than nothing, but thought I'd ask and see if anyone else has done this.

Early spring is when we have ice storms and extensive power outages and the genset has to be ready to rock and roll. As a result, when it's time to start mowing, there's 5 gallons of gas sitting in the genset which I don't want to sit there for a year and can use to cut grass, etc. 'guess for the folks in Hurricane areas, the same scenario would be when they go into "winter" and hurricane season is past.



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