Has anyone tried LawnBeltUSA.com ??

patjrMay 30, 2006

Hi there, I was taking a look at this web page http://www.lawnbeltusa.com and was wondering if anyone had any feedback on their product. They claim that their hose does not get damaged for repeated freezing and thawing? The product is also compatible with RainBird sprinklers, which is appealing.

I want to hear some feedback before diving in!



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I was just researching this product last week as well. I looked for reviews everywhere online but I couldn't really find anything, except the testimonials on the lawnbelt website, which I'm sure are biased of course. I'm curious what kinds of responses you get on this! :)

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The lack of external feedback has me concerned as well. It is one of those deals where it seems too good to be true. I will post any reviews or feedback I can find....which so far is none!

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Please include me in any feedback on the lawnbelt, also. I haven't been able to find any ratings on the system, either.

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i got their system 2 years back and didn't install it yet. Now, we moved to a new house with huge yard and went with professional sprinkler installation.

Need to sell mine soon on ebay.

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blip01(7, NJ)

Looked into Lawnbelt last year, but ultimately made up my own system using Rainbird heads and valves from HD, a controller I got off eBay, and just regular 5/8" hoses.

The only difference I can see is Lawnbelt claims their hose is more resistant to damage from tools, and they include automatic drains which I did not use.

I blow the system out for the winter, and since I know where all the hose is buried I don't really worry about damaging anything.

.26 acre lot, 6 zones, 16 heads, cost $300.

Lawnbelt would have been much more expensive.

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I am bringing this topic up again. Does anyone now have experience with LawnBelt? I need to install some type of irrigation system for my lawn. My property is completely destroyed because of an in-ground pool we just put in so now is the time to do it. I was going to set up an above ground sprinkler system with timers (I am only there on the weekend) but this sounds promising. I know very little about irrigation systems. Is this system user friendly?

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I finally installed the lawnbelt irrigation system from Lawnbelt USA just this past weekend (5/26/07), two years after I bought it. It was easy to install just like they claimed in their website. Since it has not been exposed to winter (except when it was sitting in my garage for the
past two years), I can't say whether it will indeed withstand the freezing temperature without being damaged. Judging from the make of the belt itself which is thick and the fact that each head has a built-in drain, I think it will survive several winters without doing any fall maintenance (we'll see). I am again in the process of
ordering three more kits to cover the rest of my yard. It is a bit pricey but much cheaper than having a professional installation.

What do I think about it? I think it will perform as claimed in their website and I am satisfied with the way it works, so far.

And by the way, to make prying the ground with a flat spade easy, soak the ground well, at least the area you will work on.

Hope this helps.

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This may be late but I have good and bad news about lawnbelt. First the good - Installed two kits last summer and they still work fairly well. Bad - I think they lack quality control on the manufacture of the product components which look cheap, made cheap ie. flimsy plastic fittings, inconsistent and non-uniformity of the conduit holes. Three of my U- fittings cracked (very large cracks, not hairline) at the base where the drain plug screws in (either the fitting design/manufacture is flawed or the drain plug is too big) I had two fail even though I had never used them but had stored them with the drain plugs screwed in. I just sent them an email to find out if they will replace and will let you know. Like to hear what others experienced

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I totally agree with almiya. It's a good idea and the the belt itself is well made, but the quality of the U-fittings is appallingly bad. The plastic is way, way too thin. Really bad quality control too- the threads on all of my U-fittings have mold lines on them that make it very hard not to cross-thread when you're attaching sprinkler heads or drain plugs. I only installed 6 in my yard and 3 broke. One cracked when I was trying to get the fitting pressed into the lawnbelt and two split with the drain plugs. And I wasn't cranking on them at all.
Fix? Because of the investment I have in the belt, I'm going to make my own U-tubes with PVC and just buy the lawn-belt connecters for PVC.
Bottom line- it's a good idea, but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this system until they start making the U-tubes less flimsy. They really are pieces of junk.

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David - yah I 'm interested in this system as well and to double check I just contacted Lawnbelt and they told me that there was a few U fittings manufactured that did not mold correctly. They told me they have corrected the problem and thickened the part.

Send them a note - I mentioned your message - they said they would replace them at no cost up to 2 years on that part. I also ended up getting the custom kit and will use the rotor heads they have there - looked like the best system for me.

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I installed a 3-zone system in 2007 and was anxious to see how the system would hold up over a solid Missouri Winter. The system has worked flawlessly. I did ditch the flat blade technique and rented a trencher to whip through my designed layout. I also put in an Orbit Sprinkler System 3-Valve Pre-Assembled Manifold which is tapped into my home water line. The Lawn Belt ties into the Manifold so I can control it with a Sprinkler Timer. I saved quite a bit of money in DIY installation, saving money on more efficient watering, and the lawn looks incredible.

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I just installed a 3 sprinkler LB for my small lawn in my backyard. While the belt is nice, the connections leak a lot even with tons of teflon tape on them (I used 2 whole rolls on the 6 connections). I used some silicon (not adhesive, just GE kitchen/bath silicon)on the connections to minimize the leaks but my hose connection still drips. The orbit heads are easy to adjust. I have tough soil so it wasnt easy to install but in loose soil, its a breeze. Will go very fast with 2 people doing it. I was rough with it too with the shovel and it never punctured or broke. Only 3 sprinklers per head and my 3rd head has the least pressure, 1st head is 3/4 open, 2nd is half open.).

The U fittings are cheaply made and they should have tapered the hose connections on the U fittings to stop leaking, otherwise, its basically an oversized drip/sprinkler system.

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I just put in two zones of lawnbelt. Overall, I have mixed feelings about the system. The hose itself is very high quality, well engineered product -- durable, and built with properties that will resist damage from the top which may be an issue due to its shallow depth you bury it. My main problem are the U-fittings which are JUNK. Very poor quality, cheap flimsy plastic. I had one defective that completely split on its side seem gushing water out. This company also charges a lot of money on its products so getting something that is so poorly built is upsetting. They also gouge on shipping which I'm not happy about, and took their sweet time to ship the stuff to me.

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I also looked at this irrigation system, and it seems like the only problem is the cheap U-fitting.

Well, they have updated the part and the new one looks much better and stronger.

If the old U-fitting was the only issue with this system, and the new updated version solves it, then I think this system would be a winner.

Take a look at the video below:

Here is a link that might be useful: U-Fitting Update

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Any more updates from anyone? I'm in the market for irrigation for my front lawn which is about 1000 sq ft.

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I just ordered my kit. Will be here in a few days. I will leave an honest opinion about the system once installed.

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They're selling these for $50 a box at the local Home Hardware, I'm pretty tempted.
I wonder if these have the new U-fittings.

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Which home hardware store have you seen these at?

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Just installled my 3 sprikler kit yesturday. I did it by myself in less than 3 hrs. I have no experience what so ever doing this type of thing. Was very easy, the intsructions were very clear. So far so good. Will post if I encounter any problems, but as of now everything is great!

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I have been working all day trying to stop the leaks where the u-tubes fasten to the belt. I have tried everything I know (various sealants, re-aligning, re-tightening clamps). I just cannot get the leaks stopped or even slowed. I cannot get the heads to shut off either. They don't even adjust. Good idea, poor design. Don't buy.

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I retract the above rating. I did not understand the instructions. A "barb" is the ridge which goes completely around the round end. If you push the Lawn Belt completely over the barb and tighten the clamp there is no leakage. I suggest getting better quality Orbit sprinkler heads. They are inexpensive. I installed it in about 3 hours and it works fine. One system of 3 heads does not cover much lawn.

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I installed 4 "zones" of Lawnbelt sprinkler systems recently. They all appear to work as advertised: coverage as predicted, installation was fairly easy. I used plenty of teflon tape (included) on every connection, and so far have had no leaks. I installed one system with a flat shovel as suggested, & for the other three systems I rented a trencher, to save a lot of time and effort (roots, rocks, length of lawnbelt etc). Lawnbelt recommends three sprinklers per system; I extended to 4 in one case to increase coverage without issues (I have sufficiently hi water pressure and flow rate). So far so good, but time and seasons will tell how well the systems survive here in New England. Make sure you have an accurate plan, as the parts are not cheap, nor is shipping. Wait for the 15% discount they offer on occasion before ordering.

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I'm considering the Lawnbelt system too. I only wish to water my small front lawn and it seemed like this would be the ticket...Honestly, I do not want to make the type of project that comes with trenching, pvc running, installation, and overall reseeding. I want to have an inground system that operates with a simple hose timer hooked up to my water faucet on the side of my house...if not Lawnbelt, what else is there to do? I'm in NY, so freezing is an issue to a degree, but there's gotta be someting!?


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I installed their system in 2009 and it has survived 2 NJ winters without any maintenance. U-joints are rather flimsy, but didn't give me any problems. Once buried, they're pretty well protected. Doing the first repair this week, due to a stump grinder hitting the hose... nothing would have survived that. I suspect that installation would be easy in most places, but here, a shovel hits rock or roots most of the time and installing anything in the ground is a challenge. Actually routed hose under a few roots too big to cut.

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Just a followup on the U fittings - the topic is rather old here and since Lawnbelt has thickened the fitting.

See You Tube


Here is a link that might be useful: Lawnbelt Thickens Fittings

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YES! I have 2 zones that I put in my yard 2 years ago and I love it! I have had no problems. I put them on a timer and they work like clock work. I came on-line to purchase 2 more for our new house we are moving too.
4 of us took an afternoon to install them, we installed them before we laid sod.
I live in central Texas so winters are not too long below freezing. I recommend them.

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We purchased the lawnbelt products beginning of July and are incredibly disappointed. I had to rent a machine to do the canals for the hoses because my lawn is by no means as soft as what they show on their website so; Try to make a sample canal for a few feet to see if you have the same problem as I did. They do not ship their products in a timely manner, everything takes at least one to two weeks to deliver and if you need to order additional items or return something, well, with my situation, I returned a product on July 27 2014 and ordered the correct part while I had them on the phone, (Yes, I was pissed that this process is taking so long and mentioned they should make their web page a little easier to maneuver), the rep assured me they would mail out the replacement part and credit me the RMA as soon as received, so I ordered the replacement part via paypal while on the phone with the rep and told him I just ordered it, to date my lawn is still all torn up into canals and I haven't received the replacement parts or received any type of credit for the parts returned. I called their support line and they do not return my calls.
All in all, I recommend what my landscaper said to me, if you are going to do it yourself, buy from a local store that way if anything goes wrong with a part or you need additional parts or need to exchange something, you're not looking at an additional two to three weeks.. Now my kids lost out the whole summer because the lawn was torn into canals and they couldn't play soccer or run around in the yard. Now I'm stuck with hundred of dollars worth of parts and the return policy is over and done with so I am at their mercy. And if I tell you how much I really spent; I know now there are no savings using LawnBelt's products. Sounded like a great idea...

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