Tools for working with glavanized pipe and brass sprinkler heads

don326(FL Zone 10)May 4, 2008

2/3 of my sprinkler system is galvanized steel, which make maintenance difficult. I replaced the galvanized steel with PVC and that's easy to maintain. Watching the repair guy, it seems the only thing he has that I don't is the right tools! Things that would be helpful include a wrench for removing the brass sprinkler heads and the nut in the middle, a 1/2" pipe threader, and a little tiny wire for cleaning the openings. I have searched the forum and the web for references to these sorts of tools to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get these things? Thanks.

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Try your local irrigation supply, plumbing supply, or big-box home improvement. I think the small brush you're referring to may be a plumber's brush used for cleaning copper prior to soldering (at least that's what we use for cleaning metal threads).
Other things you'll find handy are PVC compression couplings and tees, 2 pipe wrenches (14 in.), a pair of slip-joint pliers ("water pumps") and pipe dope (teflon tape or paste).
A lot of old systems around here are also galvanized - we convert to PVC when and wherever possible, using male or female adapters or compression.

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I find a dental pick type of tool, commonly available at hardware or hobby stores, is great for cleaning out nozzles and heads.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

the tools you need are inthe tools aisles at your local home improvement store. you need 2 monkey wrenches, one to hold the pipe and one to turn the connector. any wire brush will do, and then a regular crescent wrench for the brass.

unless you plan on cutting and putting threads on the pipe, the pipe threader would be better to rent as needed. i have one at home that does from 1/2" up to 1 1/4", but the ONLY reason i have it is that it was given to me. i have never used it in the 4 years i had it.

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