Did I buy the wrong kind of heads (w/ Check Valves)?

arjo_reichMay 13, 2010

So I'm doing this project by myself and I've done a pretty thorough job up to this point calculating the flow, pressure, figuring out how many zones I'll need to divvy that up, etc... but I think I run into a snag.

I had read that when your lateral line has more than 12" of drop between the highest and lowest head that you should install heads with check-valves on the lowest heads.

Well I just put the heads on the zone and only the heads without the check-valves actually had enough pressure to push water out of the built-in drain-valves. I'm hoping to god that once I put in the actual nozzles it will restrict the flow enough to push up the heads with the check-valves but I'm going nuts here, do I need to return those heads? I'm thinking I might have only needed one per zone, not "all of them"... :sigh:

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Explain where are the check valves and where are the drain valves in relation to each other. Is your system higher at the water source and lower at the end or the other way around? What is the purpose of the check valves? What is the purpose of the drain valves? How many heads on the zone? What type of heads are they? What is your flow rate and pressure and what is the flow rate of each head? Every fitting that you add to your system uses up some pressure and restricts flow. Some type of fittings use up pressure more than others. Some fittings need a minimum pressure to operate correctly. Help us catch up to what you know about your system. Thanks and aloha

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The check valves are used to help prevent the water that is left in the lines after a zone shuts off from draining out. They generally will hold around 10-12 ft. of elevation depending on brand. So it is good to put one in the lowest head on the line. I do not understand what you are calling "built in drain valves" ???? It also sounds like you do not have the correct nozzles installed yet in the heads. You should do that, as that will certainly affect how well they come up. Are these spray heads or rotary heads?

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