Spring Start-Up Question

rmo87May 6, 2010

For some reason, I can not figure out how to open my sprinkler system this spring.

This is my second year, but last fall had a different company winterize.

The problem lies with getting water to the pipes. Last year, I simply turned the main water valve counter-clockwise--I could hear the water pass through, and I was set.

This year, no such luck. In fact, the main water valve was left open. I'm definitely no expert, but how many different ways to winterize exist? Both valves on my backflow preventer are open. What to try first (I have tried contacting the company, but want to avoid a 'service visit')? Thanks in advance! --Ryan

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They should be able to tell you what they shut off without charging you, if they want your business again next year. If you have to, tell them that. Let's look at the worst case scenario. The guy that winterized your system moved to warmer climates is no longer available. If your house has water there is a valve that they turned off before your irrigation main shut-off or backflow preventer. I would think they would have asked you where to turn off the water before doing so. Describe your water line as you trace the irrigation main back to your house and then inside. Is your system coming off an outdoor faucet? Is the faucet turned on? Is your system coming off the main house line with a tee before the main water line goes into the house? There is usually another main gate valve or ball valve that is close to that tee connection point in a valve box. Aloha

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OK, now I believe it is actually an electrical problem. I am having the company that installed my system come out on Monday, since I am just at the end of the two-year warranty.

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I think you are on the road to recovery and a green thumb. Aloha

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