Double check my garden irrigation setup?

BenjammannMay 15, 2014


I think Ive mostly got my new garden irrigation setup figured out. Just wondering if someone will take a peek and offer an opinion. Thanks for your time.

Im starting with this 12 station timer:

The timer will control these valve manifolds:

The timer and valves will be connected by this wire:

I am not sure how to get from the out-feed of the valve, into this 1/2" mainline tube

Here is the valve spec sheet

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I would recommend at least 3/4" pipe for mainline (I use 1") + the valve manifold says it would work with 3/4" or 1". Also recommend getting pipe locally if possible, its easer to get the correct fittings / extra pipe that way, most likely you'll need to do that at least once! :) other than that, looks fine.

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I'm sorry but orbit is the worst brand for irrigation products out there....

First what is your gallons per minute and PSI?

Are you using a backflow preventer?

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