Questions about a PVC system

scottmazzyMay 5, 2014


I've tried drip and soaker hose systems. The drip emitters (punch a hole and plug in the drip emitter fitting types) always plugged up, broke off, or gave me trouble. Even at low pressure the black supply lines would get hot in the sun and blow off from the supply fittings). On the other hand, the soaker hoses simply rotted away or got so stiff that they cracked.

I've seen a couple people construct their own PVC system using 3/4 and 1/2 inch PVC with 1/16 inch holes drilled in them. It seems logical that the system would work...if you could properly control the pressure and flow.

Does anyone have any experience using a home made PVC system?


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I think it would be a little hard to manage application rate by just drilling holes in pvc. Driplines can take a little management (especially if you are using less than professional grade product, or in higher traffic areas) but you'll find pvc can be quite brittle, and moreso the longer it stays out in the sun. Pvc isn't uv resistant like black poly is.

I would lean towards a good inline drip system. The poly line can be expensive, but its very no-maintenance since the emitters are built right in. They will never fall off, and provided you set yourself up with a decent filter and flush the line once a year, shouldn't clog. The nicer ones are even designed against root intrusion, so you can bury the line to keep it cool, and not worry about your plants growing roots inside the pipe.

All that being said, the pvc with holes drilled in it might still be a decent option for you. Application rates aside, really the goal is just to get water to the plants...

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familyman2004(z8 MS)

Go with the poly with the emitters built into it. I have been using mine for 3 years with no problems. I Cant imagine gardening without it.

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put in a filter and pressure reducer.

use clamps when needed.

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Thanks for the advice. I went with a drip line system made by They sell 1/4" drip lines with emitters built into them. It works really well.


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