Mobile Watering

millefleurs(Z 7 - Md)May 6, 2008

Hi - I am looking for something portable to water my beds and flowers with. I have seen something in greenhouses with wheels that they use to water but I have no idea where to look for something like this. I've "Googled" every combination I can think of but nothing meets what I am looking for. It can't be too big or it will be much too heavy to pull around the yard. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most appreciative, please include web site if you have it. Thanks!

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Go to Home Depot and look for a "tractor" type sprinkler. I've considered this, but don't know if it would work for what I want to do.

I'd like to figure out a way to make sprinklers and hose look nice or disguised when left out. I've seen the rotating type sprinklers on a pole that are copper colored. I'm considering purchasing lots of these things, placing them where they need to be, and using cut off valves to control the water pressure. I also have two tri-pod type sprinklers that I painted black to blend in with the shrubbery that looks better than the original silver color.

Last year I experimented with a fire hydrant meter that I am going to use again, plus I am altering my watering habits to about one hour a week, not 20 minutes every other day when it's dry.


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