Twilight Zone is a WINNER

harmonypMay 13, 2012

Photo of my new Twilight Zone, purchased as bareroot from S&W and planted in end of February. Much stronger and prolific than I thought it would be this early. Wonderful fragrance as well.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

Bah. And I just passed it up at the garden center yesterday. lol. Yours is beautiful!

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betsyw(NSW Aust)

Is there an emoticon for rose envy?

Any further info you can add on type of fragrance, harmony? I am hoping it might be clove-ish, or fruity sweet, not too citrus-y or potpourri-ish. (We can't get this one in Oz yet, so this inquiry is masochistic).

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I don't have Ebb Tide but have sniffed it numerous times. This smells very very similar, perhaps not quite as strong (but fragrance often seems to strengthen with maturity of plant). Yes, I'd call it Clove.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

What wonderful blooms, harmonyp. I can't wait for my TZ to start blooming, too. My neighbor, who has a sun room, has a TZ that is blooming. She had made a gorgeous bouquet from some of them. Since we haven't had much hot weather yet, the blooms were the deepest, dark purple (gorgeous!), and on fairly long stems so they made a better bouquet than Ebb Tide. However, I think ET and TZ smell very much alike, which is delicious. This is great news for us purpleholics. Diane

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betsyw(NSW Aust)

So Twilight Zone is the really, truly improved Ebb Tide. This is so exciting for me, and I hope you will forgive the burbling, but for years and years (since 1999) I've wanted a Sweet Chariot descendant that would tick all the boxes for scent (clove or violet), larger bloom and within in a colour range that would not be just another pink rose.

And a rose that really works, not a Ralph Moore dead end like Vineyard Song.

Kim as the resident super-expert may think I am profoundly shallow, and okay, at the very best I am shallowly profound, but I am immune to contempt on this quest.-)))

Thank you, thank you to all TZ owners who are sharing their thoughts and pix.

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It is very exciting. And my photo doesn't do the bush justice. First, it has a "rose" hue (punny!). So the color isn't right. In person, you can tell the difference between brand new blooms versus day old plus blooms - at first they are purple/burgundy, but after a day or so they are a true deep purple (still look burgandy in my photo).

Also, with each and every day the bush looks better and better. 1/2 day after I took the photo I thought - wow, I should have waited until now to take it - more blooms, more beautiful. Then next day, same feeling.

I LOVE dark purple. I "almost" bought ET about 10 times. Then I started thinking about the spent bloom look. The blooms didn't shatter, they just looked like dried up little horse manure balls at the end of a stick (sorry ET lovers). Early blooms amazing, but old blooms, I couldn't handle. TZ doesn't seem to have this issue. Right the first blooms are each lasting almost a week, then blow.

TZ is one of 13 bareroots surrounding an eye-sore on my property. All planted the same time, and I'm loving each and every different one. But TZ is my favorite of the group.

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It's beautiful. I purchased mine from I am excited. Thanks for posting this rose. Lovely!

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lagomorphmom(z10Coastal and z8Mtn CA)

Harmony, two things:

- To get better 'reds' with your camera, you may want to fool around with the 'white balance' setting as sometimes auto WB doesn't work well. It's not hard to do, you may need to get the manual out to figure out where the buttons are, but after that it's easy to experiment.

- Second, after you get your colors right, can you post them to HelpMeFind? I looked it up and there's only one pic. Posting your experience would also be helpful.

On a side note, I should post similar pleasure on another Tom Carruth rose, 'Walking On Sunshine' which is a florabunda. Very strong yellow and get this, no mildew!!!

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Mine smells like strong Myrrh. I wouldn't call it cloves or anything close to spicy like double delight or something like that. Mine grew quite dark purple as the blooms aged.

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