Hurricane Sandy, damaged lawn tractors

jerry_njNovember 10, 2012

I can't find the tractor forum here on garden web, is it gone?

I'll post my question there:

Among my losses from Hurricane Sandy are yard/garden tractors. I am considering offering one or both tractors "free" to anyone who is able to pick up the tractors - maybe a used tractor business, there are a couple of them within 20 miles of me.

2005 DYT 4000 Hydro with 42" deck.

This machine has low hours, I estimate less than 400, and has seen the head gasket replaced this spring (18.5 HP Intek 1 cylinder with poor head bolt design). The deluxe seat and steering wheel have minor damage, the mower deck appears to be undamaged as does the hood and front end (steering/tires). The major damage appears to be a broken hydro (transaxle) as the right rear wheel is at an angle that suggest the axle may have broken. The hydro speed/direction lever is also bent.

My view is the DYT 4000 repair cost, even done DYI, will cost more than can be justified. But, it has many useable parts.

Seeking views on how to go about getting the tractor removed from my property without my paying for beyond the value of the useable parts.

1993 GT6000 - minor damage, just the gas filler tube, it appears. Had it been parked about 4" further forward it would have been completely missed by the falling Pine trees (multiple trunk large White Pine). The gas tank replacement looks to be a minor repair job, and not expensive if I can find a used tank...this is almost an antique tractor, parts may be scarce - I also wonder if it might be of interest to someone to pick it up for the value of the parts. The hood also has a slight dent, due to be dropping a branch when cutting the tractor out of the mess around it. I may have even caused the gas filler tube damage while hitting the large branches with my chain saw. At least I haven't hurt myself, yet.

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Good news on the GT gas tank issue, Sears parts has a new tank for $59 plus S&H, quite affordable. I may repair that machine.

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Two comments: The tractor forum is

I am sure that you were not the only one who had tractor damage. Could you contact your insurance company, and find where they dispose of the dead tractors. The odds are that there is a tractor out there with a totaled front end and a perfect transaxle, that can be picked up for almost nothing.

Of course this depends on what your insurance company will pay for the damaged tractor. My home owner insurance covers yard tools, yard equipment, and small sheds.

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Thanks I will follow up with my State Farm agent on my home owner policy, I've had it with the same agent since 1977 (35 years) with exactly zero claims. Of course, that doesn't matter, I'll bet if I am covered my deductible is more than the book value - albeit my 16' aluminum fishing boat and motor were also damaged.

The DYT 4000 tractor or similar must sell new for under $1,500 and mine is 7 years old (low hours). The boat is even older, it dates back to 1985, the outboard to about 1995. Yep, all my stuff is old... me too.

I figure the insurance company has plenty of work and I'd give then some time to catch up. I took pictures of the tractor and boat to establish damage is due to falling trees.

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You might want to notify your agent anyway to have the damage documented FOR him.
You could always tell him to put you on the bottom of the list.

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When we came to North Carolina many years ago, you would go down to the county office and declare your belongings for the personal property tax. At that time my Sailboat was about 15 years old and still worth about 3k. You would walking to the clerks office she would as if you had any of the following going room by room. When it came to the boat, she would say do you have a boat?
ME Yes.
SHE How much is it worth?
ME: I dont know.
SHE Will make a guess.
ME Will what do you think a 15 year old sailboat without a motor is worth. It is in my garage at the house.
SHE Will the last guy had a sailboat that was worth about $200
ME Will that probably is reasonable for a 15 year old sailboat with out a motor.

Versions of this conversation were repeated every year until the state wised up and decided to tax personal property as a percentage of the house value.

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If ya just want to get rid of those machines--here's what works for us land-lubbers!
Park the offending piece out front, with a for sale sign, and the price on it, and i guarantee it'll be gone before sun-up! Works for me! If it ain't gone in several days, then add "free" To the sign. If all else fails, load them up in yer pickemup, and bring them to my house. ;0) Rusty Jones

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Nowadays, with the price of scrap steel, anything like that left outside will be picked up immediately for scrap. You can easily get $50 for a used rider.

When I'm at the yard, it's full of (seemingly homeless) people with shopping carts of stuff they picked off the sidewalk.

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