Rain Bird ESP Modular- Not working -pump keeps running

DcoyMay 4, 2014

I have an ESP modular Rain Bird Timer. A pipe burst just before the pump (water comes from lake) so it must have triggered the fuse in the house. Pipe is now fixed, however the Timer is on but the pump now just stays on. The controls on the timer don't do anything . If I turn to Off I get nothing, the pump still stays on. I have time, date, day, zones, etc.. all set, but nothing. No water will come out of any zone. The Alarm light comes on in Active Mode, but not on in ByPass mode. But I still can't do anything in Bipass mode. Pump just stays on. I don't see any # Err messages so Im assuming all my valves are working. I reset the Timer. That didn't work. There are no fuses or Batteries in the timer, so no option there. I put it to Test Valves but all i get is "Test 2" or "Test 1" and I don't see anything happening like a test running or something. Not sure what else to check. Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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You don't have a problem with you timer. It's at your pump or one of your zones. It may or may not give you an ERR message, You need to check ohms resistance of each of your zones with a volt meter. Good solenoids 12-60 ohms. If you get good readings, and your timer is in the off position, its definitely an issue with the pump.

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