Help - soaker hose won't drip

gardeningannie(06)May 9, 2014

Started using soaker hoses last year ~ finally. Bought several EcoFlo 50' 10 year warranty hoses on Amazon. Got 2 down, DH popped one with a garden spade, so that left one in use for last year and several new ones to install now.

Here's the snag ~ In hooking one of the new hoses to the end of last year's hose, i'm finding that water is running well through the old hose and the connected new hose is dripping nicely, but not a single drip is showing up on the outside of the old hose.

I've tried rubbing a spot with a wet cloth to see if there's some sort of undetectable barrier (dust, dirt) but makes no difference.

What would you recommend to get this one year old hose dripping and to prevent this from happening to the other new hoses. Thanks.

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I used to have the same issues with soaker hoses (about 400 linear feet with 12 zones) and gave up on them 5 years ago. Algae and minerals accumulate on the inside and reduce the porosity of the hose to the point of being useless. Soaker hoses are designed for low pressure so increasing the pressure will cause bursting. My solution was micro sprinklers. See my post earlier today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Micro sprinkler irrigation kit

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It's mineral build-up.

Take off the end cap, coil it into a big bucket or other container, run enough water through the hose to fill it and cover the whole thing with clean water and pour in a gallon or two of cheap vinegar.

Let it soak for a couple of days and see what happens.

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have you tried to put compressed air through it?

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They don't last forever and do get clogged. If used on top of soil the heat of the sun tends to bake them/shrink them. As mentioned above, i would give it a good soaking for a few days.
Rather than toss them and replace with new, i tapped new holes in mine with a small nail once in place and found i could use them for spot watering new plantings. Works a bit like a dribbler. If a hole ended up on the top side, i just covered with a bit of mulch to direct the tiny fountain down to the soil rather than a mini airborne fountain.

Often they never return to the perfect all over 'sweating' like new ones.

The drip systems are a good investment being able to put the water exactly where you need it rather than all along an entire run. Consider it in a future plan but now give a cleaning a try to use what you have.

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In all honesty I have seen people use "soaker hose"
in garden beds for years.
It never lasts.
It always breaks.

I would research netafim techline...

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