Sprinkler Head Maintenance

heavisideMay 7, 2006

Where do I go to learn about how lawn sprinkler components work? There is a lot of literature on designing and laying out a system, but apparently nothing that explains, for instance, how a sprinkler head actually works.

So I have a rotary sprinkler head that sticks near the end of its travel and won't rotate. I clean the screen and nozzle, but this doesn't solve the problem. Where do I go from here---and why? That's the type of question I am currently faced with and would like to answer.

Any suggestions?

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If it sticks and you can't unstuck it.. replace it. They're not overly expensive. Probably once stuck and cleared , it's gonna stick again soon anyhow.

I'm supposed to flush my system annually but admit it only gets done infrequently. I have a sand filter on shallow wells. The whole system has gotten flushed, Maybe twice in past five years. Only two hunter pgp's have stuck ... one from being beat up repeatedly with a towed core aerator ... the other stuck and wouldn't unstuck for no apparent reason after 6yrs.

I back flush all the heads once out, it's a messy job trying to cup a hose end to squirt down the nozzle hole .. I get wet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Info ,,. http://www.jessstryker.com/

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