Used Simplicity Broadmoor or new Regent EX?

ChrisMay 27, 2014

Hi all, I'm moving up in the world to a tractor and need some advice. I'm in WI and my ultimate goal is to find something to cut 3/4 of an acre and to clean out the driveway. I'll cut to the chase:

I've found a 2007 Broadmoor (B&S 20HP Vanguard, 44" Deck, w/ never used single stage 46" blower attachment w/ rear weights) for $2200. It has 290 hours on it. Or,

Buy a new Regent EX and figure out the snow option from there. Cost is an issue and I'm wondering if that Broadmoor is just too good to pass up? I've read good things about the Vanguard as well as the K57 transmission.


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Follow on: How is 290 hours on that engine? I can find some info on guys running 1000+ easy on the bigger (>33HP) Vanguards but have found little on the longevity of the smaller ones.

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For one thing the Broadmoor was built by Simplicity BEFORE they were bought by B&S so you'd be getting a real Simplicity.

The Vanguard has a great rep and the K57 is a good trans.

The ground hugging roller deck on the Broadmoor mows great except on rough terrain.

For $2200 I wouldn't be wasting time typing on a keyboard.

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I appreciate the feedback. I've been absorbed by a little bit of Analysis Paralysis but I think your direction is definitely the way I'm leaning. Much obliged.

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Yes, at 290 hours, the Vanguard is almost completely "broke in" and is ready for regular service.

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I used a Regent for mowing for about 8 years. I would never consider doing anything with snow with that machine. It is a very good lawn mower but a little light weight.

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Moving snow with a blower puts a lot less load on an LT than trying to plow. A quality LT with a blower and weight and chains can be quite competent at blowing snow especially if that LT has a K57.

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Thanks again everyone. I picked up the Broadmoor today and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The added bonus was...only 183 hours on it! I got...
2007 44" mower - 2690275
Rear weight carrier - 1694312
2 50# weights - 1692939
Blower subframe - 1695196
Single stage 46" snowthrower - 1694296

for $2200. You guys rock.

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Look into some 2 link chains before it snows.

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