Raised Bed Question

laurmelaMay 3, 2010

Hi all! We just built 2 raised beds in the backyard. Used an existing line to branch out to the beds so they would each have water. Here is a pic.

Here are the raised beds finished.

On Saturday I noticed that another sprinkler on the same line was dripping. DH figured that it was the standing water in the line, so blew on one of the uprights and water few up from the other one! The dripping stopped for a while, but has now started again. I am thinking we forgot something! Is there something I need to add to our existing system before we hook up the drip system?



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Hi Laura,

I am scratching my head and wondering did they mix the garden heads with other area heads? Can't really tell by your description of events. How many zones on your controller? Do you have a controller or a timer? It would be beneficial for you to describe your entire irrigation system including your source location and flow and pressure from that source. I believe I know what is happening but could use a little more info to be sure. Beautiful raised beds by the way. Will you be growing various types of plants? Aloha

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