Temporary irrigation while away for a week or two.

albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)May 7, 2008

I've a raised bed about 3ftX60ft along one side of the "yard". It is about 30ft from the source of water faucit.

The "yard" is all stone.

I water the raised bed with a soaker hose connected to a garden hose dragged over the stone yard.

I need to leave for a week or two and need some fast and dirty daily automatic irrigation.

I live a the end of a dirt road in the desert. Getting reliable "friends" out here is perhaps problematic so I would rather set up something to temporarily turn the water on and off at the faucet.

What is the quickest, cheapest way to cobble together some sort of valve and automatic timer from a big box store?

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The store should have a battery-operated timer that screws onto the faucet just like a hose, then you can screw your hose onto it.

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