Drip irrigation to second floor window boxes

don46May 28, 2014

I ran a 1/4 inch drip line off my ground level irrigation system straight up about 25 feet and then over (horizontally) about 30 feet above the windows with two T lines coming down about 6 or 7 feet to each window box. A long way to travel I realize.
This was working pretty well with a slow drip, but with enough time, the plants got watered.
Some changes were made on the ground level; in short more water is now going to plants on the ground and my window boxes are not getting enough.
I tried changing the emitter to a 5gph one, but I don't see any difference at the window boxes.
Is there a better way to do this? I want to make sure this is getting water so we can go away and not have water the plants by hand.

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Hi Don.

Can you provide some pictures?
what type of watering zone did you hook up into?

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50' is definitly a little far for 1/4" drip tube. I love doing planter boxes and balcony pots. I would have done this run with 1/2" poly to get to the boxes. If you spend some time planning the route of the pipe, you might even find it possible to hid a lot of the run behind siding and trim. Once you are close to the boxes you can build a drip manifold and run your 1/4" tube, 2 to each box if needed.

You could also try using a bubbler or spray type emitter instead of a drip emitter, they put out much more water. However I'm not sure your 1/4" run is supplying enough water to make much of a difference, even if you took the emitters right off.

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