Digging/Pouding Well Point for shallow well

cpy911(8)May 19, 2007


I am digging/building a shallow well to water my lawn and garden on a small city lot. I was lead to believe that the water table is very high in the area that I am in.

First, I tried pounding the well point (sand point?) into the ground. It is a 2" diameter point. I got down a few feet, and realized I was making little progess. I then bought a 2" auger and had it modified so I could add extension handles to it. I will then pound the well point in this hole, it should be a lot eaiser. I have now augered a hole 2" down 18'. I was hoping to find sand, but I am still pulling up clay. The samples I have pulled up have just a few particles of sand, but basically clay.

There is A LOT of water in the hole I have dug. The water is sitting about 6' down below ground. It has not rained for a long time. HAVE I HIT WATER? Is it time to start pounding in the well point? I have a hand pitcher that I will hook up to test.

I thought I would hit sand and not be able to dig more, but I am just not hitting sand. Just clay and lots of water.

So, what do you think? Time to start pounding in the well point? Is this well hopeless? If I can't hit sand at 18', then maybe the aquafer is too deep for a shallow well?

My father did one of these shallow wells in a town south of where I am, and it has worked for over 20 years...



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What happened? Did you find the water you need? How do you harness and use it?

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how do i get the sand out of the 2inch pipe ihave pounded down for my shallow well.also at 10ft i am getting wet surger sand.how will i know when i have hit water,will it just come up in the pipe or what

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I stick a garden hose down the pipe and flush the sand back up and out the top of the pipe. You can check for the water level by tieing a string to large washer or something, and lowering it into the pipe.

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See my post today...
Basically I hit water 8' down. I am trying to decide if I need to go deeper than 18' down.

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