Need help fine tuning pvc

who2ted(Z6/AZ)May 3, 2012

I drilled 1/16" holes every 3" for this system based on some info from another website. My water inlet for whole system is in the middle. Water is not getting spread down the line very good as it is now. The area is 20X24', should I set up more zones? Bigger holes down the line? Smaller holes or less holes up front? Thought I would ask here before spending hours trying to get it right.

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With type of layout your problem seems to be a lack of volume at the end of the system. The easiest cure is to continue your water source to the other side and also connect it there. If that does not seem to fix it, it's a simple matter to split the system into two zones.

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Steven Laurin & Company

who2ted (gotta chuckle over that name),

We must have both read the same article on pvc drip irrigation systems. I'm just starting - actually installing mine this weekend - after adapting the design to my 24 x 48 vegetable garden. Got all the parts needed, including 3/4" main supply pipes, (12) 3/4" pvc ball valves, electric timer switch, 1/2" distribution lines and of course, connectors, caps, elbows, etc.

The main difference between what I see in your setup and mine, is the lack of valves at the head of each bed. From what I have learned, this is critical to balancing water flow to every bed. It enables you to fine-tune uniform pressure by reducing flow to beds upstream and increasing flow to downstream lines.

I also plan upon burying the portion of 3/4" supply pipe, between the spigot/timer/filter, and garden. A garden hose left in the sun, will break down over time. Additionally, above ground components can easily be removed at season's end - befor winter, by using slip fittings.

I plan on posting installation photos and test results once things are established - since it is somewhat of a maverick, hybrid design. In the meantime, here are some screenshots from a 3D model I created - and for real comparison, they are followed by pics from early last year - before things matured and prior to expansion of growing beds.

Note the valves at the head of each bed - with 3/4" to 1/2" reducers:

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Steven Laurin & Company

Inadvertantly posted 2 of the same image - meant to include this one (followed by enlarged image of valves):

Hope this helps you.

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Ihave the 3/4 pvc feeding the system (lower left), the hose is not part of the system. The other pvc pipe sticking out at the top was going to be a cleanout, which maybe I will turn into another inlet. I have a single timer so trying to keep it to one zone.

your garden is awesome by the way!

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Steven Laurin & Company

Thanks who2,

Our totally organic veggie garden has been a labor of love and very productive, even though I'm only into the 3rd year.

Didn't notice the main supply pipe at first - looks like you've followed the Utah co-op design, except for the valves. Consider installing at least 2 - should greatly improve flow balance. I picked up 12 online for Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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