Drip line or T-tape (or something else)

andyinnycMay 7, 2012

I have 2 strawberry beds and two beds for blackberries and raspberries.

I have soaker hoses on each and I don't like the coverage I'm getting (the hoses aren't quite long enough, in the right position, etc.)

The beds are approximately 4' wide and 14 feet long. I have a hose leading to a Y with a short hose that then attaches to the soakers which are in the beds. (So 1 hose breaks to two soakers, and I do this twice).

So, I'd like to replace the soakers with something with better coverage across the beds, and I don't want to speand a fortune.

Can someone provide some suggestions and specific products?

I don't know what is involved in using T-tape or drip lines - ie what else do I need to buy and how is it put together/configured. So some specfics would go a long way towards helping me.



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Below is info on installing drip irrigation.


There is other info and different ways to do drip irrigation on line. All need screw-on-the-faucet vacuum breaker with pipe-threaded end, an in-line pressure reducer(regulator) to 20 psi(for drip), pipe thread adapter with poly line end to run the poly line and last a poly line to drip tape adapter. All the big box stores can help you with what you need as well as many on-line stores. It is a good idea to know your pressure(faucet screw on gauge) and the flow rate(GPH or GPM) of your source(time the filling of a 5-gal bucket). Let us know how it goes or if you have any other questions ask away. Aloha

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