recoil question on 1074 pioneer

joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)November 29, 2009

i took the recoil off to clean and after reinstalation it works fine when it does not start but when it starts the rope stays half out and is tough to get it to recoil back in.i puled on the recoil when it was off and the plastic dog engager came off somehow i did not get it back together apreciated

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canguy(British Columbia)

You might have the brake spring installed upside down on the plastic pinion.

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joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)

could you explain which is the brake spring. the one that is part of the plastick pinion or the the longer wire one with the little spring with two screws holding it down and how they should be orintated.simple explanation greatly apreciated

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canguy(British Columbia)

It is the one that clips over the starter pinion. It will also hang up if the starter pinion is excessively worn. I doubt that replacement parts are still available

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joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)

the wire stop atached to the starter pinion should it be wound at all or just placed at the rear bottom corner.and then i take it the long wire is just placed over the plastic pinion to pull it down again when the starting cycle has ended.strange that it worked alrightbefore i took the recoil off. also would you have any idea why it wont idle no matter how it is adjusted.thankyou

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IMO the spring is not wound tight enough. you may have to pull the rope all the way out, lock it down, remove the rope, wind the spring a couple of laps, align up the rope hole, thread the rope, tie the knot, remove the vise grips and let it rewind?

if you hear the spring spinning and unwinding the end catches are slipping pass, either stake them or make sure they are all the way in to prevent slippage. Also if the rope is stiff you might as well replace it or it will pop out of the winder and lock up by wrapping around the winder.

as far as the idle I would first try to adjust the low adjustment screw by turning it counter clock wise 1/8 turn at a time see it that does anything. If not move the screw back to where you had it adjusted and go clock wise? don't help adjust it to 1 or 1 1/2 turns from bottom. Don't help? either the idle curcuit is plugged, the diapharmn is up side down (which usually make the saw almost impossible to start, the needle is not seating, or your assembly of parts are not right.

Go ( dought it a zama, if so go to for cleaning, troubleshooting and reassembly of which carb. you have. It's very easy to get skin seal or diaphramn installed upside down, or the spring fly off that holds the needle valve. Go to the carb. web site it will help a bunch I think, it has for me many times. you do have a new diaphramn kit installed???

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joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)

yes i have a new diafram installed with the steel knob down towards actuating lever.i dont know how to remove the welch plug were ithink the problem is a tilotson carb actualy.i thank you for your great information and i think i should be able to fix it now

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rcmoser This site talks about Tilotson carb.

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