do 'Soaker Hoses' work well?

walksindarkness(z5 MA)May 25, 2005

Hi All,

I have a 40' row of new shrubs. During the dry months I want to make sure they are well watered. I see "soaker" hoses at Lowes, that are made out of porous recycled rubber. I plan to lay it on top of the mulch bed during the hot months, and water as needed. Do these work well?



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eltigre(z5 KS)

Yes, they do. Keep an eye on how long you run it. Excess water will rot roots.

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indylars(Indianapolis 5)

Love em for dry shade areas. They are great for a good deep soaking.

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I run 'em through my rose beds and they work great, but you'll conserve the water that you use better if you run the hose under the mulch.

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I love mine. Have used them in several areas in our new home. Purchased them at Costco at a good price. I have used them for a line of new Leland Cypress trees and various other evergreens. Plan on using them in a rose garden also!! Suzy

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Have used 'em for years and love them. One tip though when you are joining hoses putting on ends etc. smear the adapators with some cooking oil(handiest for me) and the ends slip right on

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lazylady(NW AL)

Got a new one at Walmart last year, first time I pulled on it, it broke. Got another one at Lowes. It waters the proximal end with a stream and the distal end gets nothing.

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Love soaker hoses! You do need to put more hose length at the end of your row of plants---I get enough hose to loop it back. 50' is definitely the max length to use in my experience.

Put them in immediately when you plant, +/- make big loops around the plant bases, cover with mulch. If they're exposed to sun they degrade faster.

Check them well each spring. One of my beds was doing poorly this year; turns out the hose had a crack and all the water was dumping in one spot. They do last a few years though, if you take good care of them.

I take off the washer that comes with them and put on a regular washer to get the job done quicker.

mxracer---great tip! Thanks!


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