victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)November 27, 2011

After storing my snow blower over the winter,, should I use the treated gas or drain it and start with new gas? I put the proper amount of stabil in the tank and filled it then let it run for about 5 mins. Thanx, Paul

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As long as the blower will run on the treated gasoline, you should be fine running it. Stabil should not harm the engine at all. If it won't run on it, the fuel wasn't treated enough.

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I suggest buying fresh fuel, treating that and starting fresh. The conditions the fuel is stored in makes a difference as well. Lots of what is seen is the goo from the moisture and alcohol playing together. Sometimes plain condensation. Marine Stabil and others work to lessen that effect. IMO, fuel storage in the summer is less than ideal with the hot cold cycles it goes through- drawing in the cooler, moister air as the can cools and expelling the lighter qualities of the fuel, which btw is the part that gives the fuel its startability qualities as the can warms. Remember you want the fuel at its best when your at 20 degrees and snowing. Should you change your fuel, start with a fuel can that is clean and dry. I suggest running the snow equipment for 10 minutes a few times before you need it.

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stinkytiger(z5 - z6)


I use Stabil. I have never emptied out the tank. I use stabil in my mowers and my snow blower and they have always run just fine with the stored petrol in the tank.

best, Mike.

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You put the stabil in your fuel storage tank when you fill them up at the gas station. This way you always know you have it. Never pur stabil in old gas, never put stabil directly in the gas tank.

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If the fuel tank on your snowblower was full, or nearly full, during the off season, then there will be very little condensed water in the old fuel. It is true that warm days and cool nights lead to condensation in fuel tanks, as humid air is drawn into the tank in the evening. If the tank was full or nearly full, there is very little space in the tank for humid air to occupy, and therefore very little water will condense in the gasoline. You might have accumulated gum residuals in the carburetor, but that is another issue, entirely.

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Run it

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