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rustico_2009November 21, 2011

I am looking at a BCS 730 on Craigslist. It has a bio 100 chipper.

My concern is... do I want the chipper or would the money be better spent on a unit without the chipper? I do have stuff to chip and get mulch, and I would like to have the mulch, but don't need to do it in a tedious manner. The chipper looks a bit tedious to use?Not a real useful farm implement. Does anyone have the opposite opinion? Even small branches have to be stripped of all laterals etc? I can just load my pickup truck and throw them in the back of the property and rent a 6" vermeer every few years. Any wood over 3 inches we can use for firewood or give away.

If I buy the chipper to get the machine is there a good market to sell the chipper? What might it fetch?

Thanks for any input. I see from the forum that lots of people love these bcs machines.

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O.K. So Now I have a second concern. The machine has the 9hp Briggs and Stratton Engine. Does that drop the /quality/value or the tractor itself? Thanks.

Also, I can buy a new FR800 if I want but nothing more expensive, but do appreciate value in second hand stuff. Should I keep looking at used BCS and older Troybilts?

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Hi Rustico,

The chipper is OK. I own one and like it for small jobs, but it isn't the best for large jobs. Joel is really pushing the BIO 80 as the best suited chipper for the average gardener. This kind of pushes the BIO-100 out of the way when it comes to demand in the market. Basically, the BIO-100 is more of a chipper (branches, leaves) and the BIO-80 is more of a shredder (garden waste). Personally, I'd prefer to own a flail mower and shred items right in the garden.

As far as value, you should sell it easily for 450 and may get up to 950 if you find the right buyer.

The briggs 9 horse isn't a bad engine. It's built by Yamaha and just has a briggs sticker on it. I personally prefer Kohler engines.

The BCS has several advantages over a Troybilt of any age and the FR800. I'll get into them if you'd like...

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I appreciate your post,Bill.
Since my post I have read all the threads here on BCS tillers and chippers.Great Forum! Thanks for the offer to go over it though.
The guy had the tiller/chipper on craigslist. He will not tell me the age or serial number. He acted a little like like a realtor trying to close a deal too... and that makes me want to drop it on principle alone. It is a long drive and he has not won my trust.

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