Short lengths of 3/4' hose?

Greg__RMay 1, 2012

I am running 3/4" hose through my hose reel and want to change the hose between the wall spigot and reel. The internal mechanism of the reel supports 3/4" flow rates. Does anyone know where I can get two 6' lengths of high quality 3/4" hose with fittings? I see this stuff but I'm not sure if it's reliable:

I want 3/4" to feed my large pressure washer (better flow rate for the pump).

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My $0.02 is to make your own. Aloha

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HD and Lowes sell 'remnant hoses' in bins with their hoses/garden stuff.

I have purchased both 15' and 7' 'remnants'. If I recall they were under $8. Each hose/bin is marked for length (it isn't a random collection); however, you have to settle for whatever length they are selling. Once they had a box of 15' and the next they were 7'.

The word 'remnant' is a misnomer in my mind - they are just selling 7' hoses; great marketing, though.


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