Sprinklers not working

Budl1teMay 20, 2013


I purchased a new home and it has an Automatic watering system. I am somewhat familiar with the workings. I installed an entire 8 station Orbitz(I think) at my last house, Plumbing and electrical)

I don't recognize the valves at this new house but I looked on the internet and they look like the Buckner VP-10 valves (5 of them) There is one that looks like a Toro 260 seriesish.

One of the stations is not coming on. Even when I flip the manual lever nothing comes out the sprinkler heads. There is however water that slowly leaks from the valve though.

I had assumed that the lever would send the water to the sprinkler regardless?

the other 2 Buckner looking ones do activate the sprinklers and do not leak.

I have 2 other Buckners that operate drip feeds and what looks like a Toro valve although I am use to the old smaller toro's that when the valve(turn thing) on top was opened the water would come on. This one however is a knob that twists but looks like you could fit a flathead screwdriver in the slot to turn it. The toro's I have had experience with did not have the slot for screwdriver.

I don't know if the toro is working or not? how do you manually open this one? Solenoid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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all the electric valves I know of can be manually run by turning the solenoid a quarter turn. If it still will not open the ports in the valve may be plugged.

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Thanks Mike,

I turned the solenoid on the Toro looking one which is actually a Hunter valve. It worked. I opened the valve up with the screw thing and that fixed the auto watering.

The other that wasn't working I took apart and flushed it a couple times and put it together and tada. It is working like a charm.

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