What is the life expected of night light photocells (cycles)?

loger_gwNovember 4, 2012

1. What is the life expected of night light photocells (cycles)?

2. What are some troubleshooting tips in working with photocells?

3. My wired in photocells seemed erratic after over 10 yrs of use.

4. My recent screwed-in photocells are acting erratic due to overhangs and eyes directions IMO.

5. They either stay on too long during the day or cycle on and off during the nights. My initial solutions(years ago) was wired photocells in open locations vs under over-hangs and in dark areas as the lights.

6. I would hate to wire in new photocells at this point if the screw in photocells matters can be resolved. I did remove the old wired thinking to photocell would conflict.

7. Are there simple and accurate methods to test the wired-in and screwed-in photocells vs a finger or tape over the eye?

Thanks For Sharing Your Experiences vs add info I'm seeing online!

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Way i figger--they work until they quit! I'd give up and plant lamps wired into the house current! By the time you get answers about lighting, in a lawn mowing site, you will probably have a long gray beard!
A friend gave me around 15 of those lights--said they lasted about one year, and they are junk. I proved that, when the junk yard gave me about 2 dollars for the aluminum that was in them.
Seems you could wire the house current types into one wire, then connect it to a photocell, and wait for darkness. Or a switch would work. RJ

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Thanks Rusty! Finding a good message-board is not easy and I should have tried one of the others. I have undated with fair satisfaction (with what I found to choose from) and moved on to other challenges. There are always plenty projects around a house and solutions (not to mention an older house). A week is normally the most time I will allow and will have move with what I feel are my best solutions. You cannot get a project done by Just Talk But New Info Helps. Take Care!

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