Where are Echo chainsaws made?

homesofqualityNovember 15, 2008


The Echo chainsaws look like a pretty good value but I really don't want to buy anything made in China. Does anyone know where the CS400 is made?

Thanks in advance

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canguy(British Columbia)

Echo-Kioritz is a well respected Japanese manufacturer of quality two stroke equipment.As far as I know, they do not out source production to China.

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All of mine are made in Japan, I'm thinking some are made in the USA now. Steve

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cciaffone(durham NC)

I just bought an Echo CS 400 at the suggestion
of some members here. Out of the box it started
right up, ran fine, and cut great.

But one month later, although it starts right up,
it dies when you try to use it. Actually I can't
even begin a cut. It dies as soon as I give
it any gas.

Save your money and buy something cheap so you
won't be disappointed when it craps out.


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canguy(British Columbia)

How old is your gas mix? A clogged fuel system is not the saw's fault.

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You have to thank the EPA for saws being to lean and all brands are having the same trouble. I think a good dealer will get them adjusted right before sending them out, not to say all dealers are good and if you buy off the net or big box stores you should learn how to adjust a carb.And gas storage is another problem as mentioned above, I use Stabil and try to run my small engines at least once a month which has worked so far. Steve

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Bad gas for sure, that's a nice saw.

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To the person who has the dead echo cs-400. I'm guessing bad fuel or how about this COMMON problem... unscrew the two screws that attach the mufflers spark arrester screen. take the screen off its located in the front of the muffler under a deflector plate. just look for screen. wash in warm soapy water with a bristle brush or toothbrush, it will dislodge any built up gunk on there. re-install it. and then try with fresh gas. I have a cs-400. I did a muffler mod on it via the arboristsite website and the thing runs like an absolute beast. they set these saws up very lean to please the epa. so learn to adjust the carb so it 4strokes in the cut. look up carb tuning on youtube. you should be set. ALSO, run NOTHING lower than 89octane. I run 93octane I live in Pennsylvania. My echo dealer tells me cheapo 87 octane gas is a KILLER of all 2stroke equipment especially HIGH RPM 2stoke stuff like chainsaws and weed whackers.

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Yes with a muff modd and the right tuning the CS400 is amazing for a 40cc saw. Steve

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Home: Kioritz / Shenzhen Inc do in fact produce Echo Grass Trimmers and Brush cutters in China . They do not Produce the Saw Line up . Most of the Echo saw line up is out of the US under the Echo Inc Banner . They also Produce the Echo Tiller Line up , since 1978 .

Note: In 2007 Kioritz and Shindawa Merged into Yamabiko Ltd. which Produce Echo and Shindawa Saw Engines within Japan .

cc: The CS-400 as I have indicated within other Threads is a very capable saw which may have left the factory fueled and if ethanol was the fuel of choice as Steve , Forty and Bush and CG have indicated the fuel restriction via gumming is at fault not the saw. Get some Concentrated Fuel Cleaner and add 2 ounces to fresh fuel mix . Let is sit 30 minutes then start the saw up and let the cleaner slowly clean the system . You may prefer to spray cleaner within the carb venturi and jets prior to get a head start if your the impatient type lol . Remember to use Stabil during storage also , All the Best Bro :)

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Yes if his ran good new and did'nt want to run a month later bad gas would be at fault but every new Echo saw and quite a few I got off Ebay were set to lean with the limiter caps on, they need to be pulled and adjusted richer to make good poqwer and have good throttle responce. The poster above might get by with pulling the jets out and spraying a little carb cleaner or comopressed air through the jet holes, then adjusting properly. Steve

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which model (not stilh)has a piston and piston cylinder
that is easily replaced, unlike stihl ms 315 which must be completely disassembled.A model i.e. echo, husky, etc. i can change pistons and jugs all day long.

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The Echo CS600, CS680, CS8000 and I think a CS500 just coming out have a removable jug. Don't be afraid of the smaller Echo clamshell saws, it take around 10 minutes to have the whole engine laying on the bench and you buy a whole new shortblock for close to the same price as a P@C for Husky and Stihl saws. A new factory piston for most models is $40 to $50. Steve

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