Sprinkler System - Suddenly Not Working!

rmo87May 5, 2011


My home sprinkler system (Hunter with six zones, three years old) has been open and used for about a month now this spring.

I suddenly have a problem with the system not working. The controller display operates normally, but the sprinkler rotors don't pop out of the ground, thus no watering takes place.

This applies to all zones. I've tried manually activating a zone, using the programmed schedule, and resetting the controller, all with no luck. The Hunter Pro-C controller even has a "Quick Check" feature that helps in identifying potential shorts caused by faulty solenoids. The results were negative.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what to check?

Please help me troubleshoot what may have happened. Thanks in advance!


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Try turning on each zone by turning the solenoid gently counter clockwise until the zone comes on. Let us know what happens. Let us know if you need further instructions with this operation. Oh yeah, check that someone hasn't turned off the main irrigation line valve. Aloha

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Yes, please help with further instruction on "turning the solenoid." I want to be sure to ensure I don't break anything!


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1. Find the valve box that contains the automatic valves wired to the controller. Do you need help with this?
2. Locate the fairly prominent black shiny cylindrical shaped item on top of the valve? Do you see this? See link for picture.

3. You will not break it when you turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. Turning clockwise will tighten it. You can turn it too much and it can be screwed off. No worries just screw it back on. All you need to do is turn it a little(maybe half a turn or so) and the zone will come on. Turn it clockwise again and the zone will go off. Do not over tighten just enough to turn the zone off.
4. Let us now if this worked or not.

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