Need electric pole saw

catherine_aNovember 14, 2007

I prefer electrical yard equipment, and I need a pole saw for trimming tree branches. I've been researching the well-known brands on the Internet. But I see two problems with all the brands/models that I've found so far: (1) The unit is too heavy for lifting over my head (I'm a 5'2" woman) and (2), invariably, the motor is located at the top of the unit where the chain-saw is, which, I would think, would make one of these gadgets extremely unwieldy (at least for me). Is anyone on this forum aware of an electric pole saw that is both light-weight and not top-heavy? Thank you, one and all, in advance.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I have yet to see a decent electric pole saw. They are often under powered due to voltage drop in long cords and, as you have noted, top heavy. Do you have a tree service available? That may be more cost effective and will be a lot safer.A falling branch is nothing to fool with.

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turnage(z7a TX)

Have you completely ruled out the manual pole saws like Fiskars?

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masiman(z7 VA)

A good sharp manual pole saw will be much easier and sometimes more efficient than powered. I assume you want a saw and not a pruner. You can buy manual sets that include both saw and pruner heads.

Canguy is right about falling branches.

Some resources:

Pole Saw Recommendation
Pole Saw Technique

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I have a elect 10" Remington than will extend to 12'have had for 8 years. there is a light brand I seen somewhere, but frogot the brand I sure you can find them has a small round motor and about a 8" bar. Looks alot lighter.

Mine still cuts and looks like new and I have cut amany of Black Jack oaks limbs with it. The key to any chain driven saw is chain maintenance. Sharpen after every use, checking and adjusting chain tension, and cleaning out the bar oil grooves to keep the chain oiled. Yes is is a bit to handle if you try to cut with the saw too far away from your body. I have a 3500K generator so the cord don't limit my reach from the house.

As long as you take your time plan you approach you should have no problems. But, 4" or 5" diameter limbs above you head can give you a headache or worse an ugly scare. Again keeping the chain sharp can keep you out of trouble. The weight of the saw should slice right through the limb with little problems other than binding when about 3/4th through the limb. Takes awhile to get the hang of it.

I also use a 24" ladder which increases the danger, not recommend for the inexperienced. I did have to replace the chain, sharpen the teeth off the orginal one.

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I read that add a pole has great pole saws. They are even extend-able. It is the highest reaching and even has a patent.

Here is their site:

Here is a link that might be useful: Extendable Electric Pole Saws

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I also prefer to use electric pole saws. I have found one that is very light weight and well-balanced, it's the Greenworks 40-volt, model # 20672. It has been really easy to use since I had shoulder surgery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Pole Saws

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There are very good points here on manual pruning saws vs electric pruning saws. IMO the manual pruning saw is the best for pruning (watch your tree trimmers). Heavy electrical saws are for heavy duty trimming work and experienced trimmers. I learned through some lack of experiences vs body size and strength.

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